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Healthcare – Products Overview

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CCL Healthcare Products

Healthcare – Digital Folding Cartons
Digital Folding Cartons

Digital offset quality cartons with reduced lead times at the quantities you need. Cost effectively create prototypes and conduct market tests with variable information

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Specialty Products
Specialty Products

Customer driven, innovative labels and packaging solutions developed to launch new products and/or address an industry road block

7 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Expanded Content Labels
Expanded Content Labels

Changing regulatory requirements and multilingual information drive the need for expanded content in labels. CCL offers a wide range of constructions created to fit your unique packaging needs.

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Printed Literature
Printed Literature

Choose from a wide range of high-capacity folded package inserts, outserts and padded inserts to fit your needs. IFU / DFU booklets can be glued or stitched in a variety of sizes.

11 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Shrink Sleeves
Shrink Sleeves

Premium quality printed neck bands, full body sleeves, and security tamper evident sleeves offer key components for promotions, branding, and security.

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Smart Products
Smart Products

Intelligent labels with enhanced features and functionality to communicate throughout the supply chain and to the end user

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Pressure Sensitive Labels
Pressure Sensitive Labels

Versatile self-adhesive labels printed both on digital and flexographic presses

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Flexible Packaging Printing
Flexible Packaging

Medical grade pouches and lids that seal products that need protection from contamination, tampering, and spoilage

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – On-Pack Promotions
On- Pack Promotions

Drive sales, increase brand loyalty and gain strong returns on promotional investments

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Tubes

Fully customizable decorative healthcare tubes utilizing multi-printing applications to achieve superior graphics.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Containers

Specialty aluminum packaging for a broad range of healthcare products

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare

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As an industry leader in quality and control, CCL Healthcare provides our customers with an unbeatable selection of cost-effective temperature monitoring devices for cold chain pharmaceuticals. With patient health and safety at the forefront of our priorities, our customers rely on CCL Healthcare to deliver an accurate temperature indicator that is easy to use and available in a wide variety of formats.
Brand Protection & Serialization from CCL Healthcare
An Industry Solution to Serialization
With the addition of digital folding cartons to our extensive line of services, CCL Healthcare can now offer a solution to our customers for impending serialization requirements available on any of our products, but especially folding cartons.

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