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CanWrap PLUS Booklet Labels

CanWrap PLUS Expanded Content Label

The new CanWrap PLUS from CCL Label is an easy-open, resealable booklet label, or expanded content label (ECL), designed specifically for aerosol cans. With the multi-page booklet, your aerosol product can now have an all-in-one label for regulatory information, coupons, and much more. 

Whether brand owners need only a bit more space or many pages of information included, this innovative solution can increase the product’s label area by a small amount (200%) or a large amount (500% and more).  It’s fully customizable to fit each unique product.
Utilizing existing materials and label application equipment, CCL’s CanWrap PLUS is a sustainable solution that increases value while maintaining production line speeds.  This roll-fed solution integrates seamlessly in current application processes, using standard non-pressure sensitive film and strategic eye marks.  This makes the CanWrap PLUS thinner and lighter than a pressure-sensitive booklet label.
Expanded Content Labels - Canwrap PLUS

  • More space for regulatory requirements 
  • Compatible with existing roll-fed labeling equipment
  • Provide all information in multiple languages 
  • Give incentives to buy with coupon and rebate offers
  • Booklet can be opened and resealed many times, keeping package looking great on shelf 
  • Use coupons to cross-promote other products 
  • Custom designed for the needs of your products