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Building on innovative solutions around the world

CCL has its own development department which is centralized in Meerane, Germany, owning a high equipped lab for detail analysis and evaluations. Besides fundamental developments such as our patented WashOff Technology, CCL cooperates very closely with our customers and suppliers. Based on our networking principles we can use the know-how of the different CCL plants and the experience and knowledge of the sales representatives of our beverage team. With this strength we find optimal solutions for our customers.

Hervorragender Service in der Druckvorstufe 

CCL beschäftigt erfahrene, engagierte Techniker in der Druckvorstufe. Sie sind bestens mit der großen Bandbreite an Drucktechnologien und Fertigungsprozessen vertraut und können sich daher optimal auf alle spezifischen Kundenanforderungen einstellen.

CCL bietet unübertroffene Druckkapazitäten

CCL verfügt über eine Vielzahl an Drucktechnologien, einschließlich Digital-, Sieb-, Offset-, Flexo- und Tiefdruck. Die Kombination verschiedener Druckverfahren ist ebenso möglich. Desweiteren können Prägungen mit oder ohne Heiß- und Kaltfolien sowie Stanzungen vorgenommen werden.

Erstklassige Qualität von Anfang bis Ende

Um ausschließlich Etiketten zu liefern, die den Ansprüchen der Kunden entsprechen oder diese sogar übertreffen, verfügt CCL über hochmoderne Verarbeitungsanlagen. Prozessparameter wie Wickel- und Schnitttoleranzen werden streng überwacht. Material- und/oder Druckfehler werden von automatischen Kamerainspektionssystemen erkannt und können leicht von den Bedienern beseitigt werden.

Quality Management

CCL plants have certified systems in place to guarantee a consistent and stable product quality. The key to achieve this is managed according to defined and documented procedures in compliance with the agreed specifications. The traceability of each production lot is monitored to identify the same quality level overall.

Environmental Management

There are systems in place to reduce the consumption of energy, water and raw materials, and also the emission of any kind of harmful substances. All potential sources of contamination are identified and controlled. We try to avoid any kind of harmful substances and fulfill all legal requirements. learn more

DPG Cetificate

CCL’s beverage competence center in Meerane, Germany is certified by the DPG (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH) that organizes and monitors the German bottle deposit system. The certificate confirms that all the guidelines for producing labels for deposit bottles are met at CCL Meerane.

Risk Management

With the global production network and standardized equipment and processes, CCL has the best conditions to avoid any kind of business interruption. Due to this flexibility we are able to react immediately and to balance capacity peaks over the season.
We are working closely with global partners on the material side, giving us the appropriate support for our network.
CCL has state-of-the-art finishing equipment in place to supply labels that live up to, and even exceed, customers‘ expectations. Included are process parameters like the reel winding and slitting tolerances. Material and/or printing defects can be detected by automatic camera inspection systems and are easily eliminated by the operators.


Globale Präsenz

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