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New Building CCL Label Dornbirn (Austria)

CCL Label Hohenems invested in a new building and will be moving to neighbouring Dornbirn in 2023.

Design Prize for Butterfly Acrobat

Butterfly Acrobat was awarded in the category packaging design by “Chile Diseño". CCL Chile produced the highly embellished self-adhesive paper labels using digital printing technology combined with outstanding finishes.

World’s first dedicated production line for sustainable, floatable shrink sleeve film opened in Poland

New floatable polyolefin material to boost recycling plastic packaging.

Neubau CCL Label Dornbirn (Österreich)

CCL Label Hohenems investiert in Neubau und übersiedelt ins benachbarte Dornbirn

Success Story Bonafont Mascot

In a segment where the product is water and the target group is children, the main challenge is to offer an incentive...

Havana Club has won the PLD Paris Innovation Award

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