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CCL Healthcare Digital Printing Evolution
CCL Healthcare is the leader in digital printing for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, with more than 13 digital printing facilities (and growing) worldwide utilizing digital printing under cGMP.
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CCL Healthcare Brand Protection Carton
CCL Healthcare is the market leader for brand protection by using multiple layers of security features on your product. We offer a variety of solutions that include overt and covert security features that are all manufactured under a cGMP process with a specialization in Track & Trace Serialization.
CCL Label Gives Back
CCL Label is a company with rich culture and history. Over the years, CCL Label has grown to be the leader in the labeling and packaging industry.
NFC Engagement Pharmaceutical
NFC Changes Consumer Engagement
Brands can create special consumer engagements by programming NFC’s to offer coupons, exclusive advertisement, unique messages, and educational information that will benefit the consumer. Consumers will develop a personal connection to the brand when they are able to have real-time communication that is to their benefit.
GMI Certificate for Digital CCL Montreal
CCL Achieves GMI’s First Digital Folding Carton Press Certification
CCL Montreal is pleased to announce, as of November 2016, our digital folding carton department achieved full certification status with a score of 97% from GMI (Graphic Measures International). This certification is a formal recognition that CCL Montreal's Digital Printing Processes comply with Walgreens PQA (Packaging Quality Assurance) standards and are now a certified brand printer published on the GMI Certified Print Packaging Suppliers list. GMI also monitors PQA programs with private brand customers, providing greater possibilities of expanding CCL's network.
CCL Industries to Acquire Innovia for $1.13 Billion
Geoffrey T. Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer of CCL, said, "This transaction is another transformative acquisition for CCL, propelling the Company to world leadership in the disruptive, fast growing polymer banknote market while strengthening our depth in the materials science arena with proprietary BOPP films technology for the label, packaging and security sectors. We expect to find significant operational, customer and product innovation growth opportunities between Innovia and our end use facing businesses at CCL Label, CCL Design, Checkpoint and Avery. We are very pleased to welcome Innovia's deeply experienced industry people to our Company and look forward to an exciting future together."
Digital Folding Cartons Work Flow
Digital folding cartons have the power to reduce your costs and improve your speed to market. There are no plates to purchase on a digital press, and carton graphics are ready to print almost immediately. Multiple sku’s can be easily accommodated with little downtime between copies allowing customers to target specific markets or do seasonal promotions.
Improve Brand Impact with Tamper Evident and Shrink
CCL can incorporate our popular brand protection solutions into your tamper band. Having an overt or covert security feature discourages counterfeiters and criminals from removing a plain tamper band and replacing it with an “off the shelf” tamper band. Our tamper bands and decorative shrink sleeves are printed and seamed here in the USA.
Digital Folding Cartons
Digital folding cartons have the power to reduce your costs and improve your speed to market. There are no plates to purchase on a digital press, and carton graphics are ready to print almost immediately. Multiple sku’s can be easily accommodated with little downtime between copies allowing customers to target specific markets or do seasonal promotions.
Smart Labels and Smart Packaging White Paper
Smart Labels and Packaging White Paper
Smart Packaging WhitePaper Smart labels for drugs and medical devices, both after commercial launch and during clinical trials, do far more than simply identify a product; their built-in intelligence provides functionality, communication capabilities, and interactivity throughout the supply chain all the way to the end user.
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How CCL Industries quietly became the world’s largest label-maker
When it comes to CCL’s success, Stephen MacLeod, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets, points to a series of factors. “You have to take into account the company’s competitive position in the global label-making market, and its strong customer relations, [and] diverse user market,” he says. CCL’s operations span six continents and include 119 facilities, in large part the result of a series of smart acquisitions. The company’s strategy is to make small, tuck-in purchases that provide “exposure to a unique technology or a unique customer set,” notes MacLeod. But CCL has also picked up companies that operate somewhat outside its traditional line of business.
Healthcare cold chain resettable-label
Resettable Cold Chain Labels for Injectables
CCL’s Indication technology is an exceptional way to show temperature change on a variety of products and materials, offering a wide range of flexibility for many industries and markets. Indication technology can be customized for product specific applications. Transitioning from one image to another during temperature change provides a clear cut indication of temperature fluctuation.
Bayer’s bottles go cartonless
Twice as many people choose aspirin over the personal computer as an invention they couldn’t live without, in a national survey on inventions conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Aspirin’s powerful pain-fighting qualities have been known since ancient times when the Greeks recorded the use of willow bark as a fever fighter.
Brand Protection, Dot Varnish Void
Part of a Brand Protection strategy a void of varnish 1/32” in diameter is placed in a predetermined spot within the flood varnish of the label. The location of the void dot can be changed and recorded on every lot.
Brand Protection, Color Shifting Ink
The color of the ink changes from when viewed at different angles. (blue to purple for instance) This type of ink is highly controlled. It is used on currency in more than 86 countries.
Ascending Cold Chain
Ascending Temperature Excursion Indicator Label
A patented low-cost label features a highly reliable and validated chemical reaction to clearly indicate a temperature excursion beyond the designed threshold. The label indicates the temperature excursion by changing the indicator section from a white dot to a red dot or an appearing red human readable message such as “Do Not Use.”
Healthcare-Clinical ECL Bottle
Take control and spin the bottle for a 360 degree view
Take control with CCL's interactive clinical label, rotate and spin the bottle for a full 360 degree view. Clinical "bulk" ECL Key Advantages: -Uniquely designed stops booklet from bulging -Removable Sub-label -Printed from a single sheet to create the booklet -Lamination is thermal transfer printable -Permanent and removable panels on the base label allows for variable coding of clinical trials -Removable panel can be removed and attached to clinical trail documents -Wraps easily around a small square or HDPE bottle “Tabbed” easy opening feature
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Are your packaging lines ready for serialization?
Are your packaging lines ready for serialization? Download an indepth analysis of 4 serialization solutions: Online Serialization Solutions In-house Serialization Suites Serialization Ready Contract Packaging Pre-Serialized Packaging
CCL Healthcare - Cold Chain
Affordable Cold Chain Solutions
As an industry leader in quality and control, CCL Healthcare provides our customers with an unbeatable selection of cost-effective temperature monitoring devices for cold chain pharmaceuticals. With patient health and safety at the forefront of our priorities, our customers rely on CCL Healthcare to deliver an accurate temperature indicator that is easy to use and available in a wide variety of formats.
Serialization and Covert Protection for Digital Folding Cartons
An Industry Solution to Serialization
With the addition of digital folding cartons to our extensive line of services, CCL Healthcare can now offer a solution to our customers for impending serialization requirements available on any of our products, but especially folding cartons.