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Research methodology. Professional scientist conducting a research while studying bioengineering
Labeling Personalized Medicine
Over the last decade, research and development have increased their efforts into personalized medicine. This involves using laboratory diagnostic testing to find cell, gene, and immunotherapy treatments that are tailored to the subject. The latest research and development are making breakthroughs in treating diseases that occur from genetic mutations. It is one of the most effective ways to determine precisely the best treatments for a person’s unique genetic makeup.
The Impact of Smart and Connected Packaging for the Pharma Indus
CCL Packaging University Upcoming Courses
CCL Healthcare, a division of CCL Label, is focused on producing secondary packaging within cGMP facilities. We pride ourselves in partnering globally with companies of all sizes and manufacturing our products locally to our partners.



Overt, Covert and Forensic Solutions

The correct anti-counterfeit technology and implementation program for your specific market is unique and should be customized based on the threats you face.

However, one thing all successful brand protection strategies have in common is they employ “Layers” of protection. Anti-Counterfeit technology can be classified into 3 primary categories: Overt, Covert and Forensic. Within these 3 primary categories, package component modifications can be customized further to add additional layers of protection. Let CCL guide you through the process.

Learn more about Overt, Covert and Forensic Solutions offered by CCL

See all options available in Brand Authentication, Track & Trace Serialization and Product Security categories.

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Healthcare – Digital Folding Cartons
Digital Folding Cartons

Digital offset quality cartons with reduced lead times at the quantities you need. Cost effectively create prototypes and conduct market tests with variable information.

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Specialty Products
Specialty Products

Customer-driven, innovative labels and packaging solutions developed to launch new products and/or address an industry road block.

7 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Expanded Content Booklet Labels
Expanded Content Booklet Labels

Changing regulatory requirements and multilingual information drive the need for expanded content in labels. CCL offers a wide range of constructions created to fit your unique packaging needs.

19 January, 2021 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Printed Literature
Printed Literature

Choose from a wide range of high-capacity folded package inserts, outserts and padded inserts to fit your needs. IFU / DFU booklets can be glued or stitched in a variety of sizes.

11 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Shrink Sleeves
Shrink Sleeves

Premium quality printed neck bands, full body sleeves, and security tamper evident sleeves offer key components for promotions, branding and security.

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Innovation

Solve problems and create new products with the “PIT” Crew and gain access to 130+ technical experts worldwide

21 March, 2016 in  Healthcare Services
Healthcare – Cold Chain
Cold Chain

Protect cold chain pharmaceuticals and medical devices with CCL’s temperature monitoring devices

21 March, 2016 in  Healthcare Services
Healthcare – Smart Products
Smart Products

Intelligent labels with enhanced features and functionality to communicate throughout the supply chain and to the end user.

10 March, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Natural Health
Natural Health

Labeling and packaging solutions that enhance the user experience, always with patient safety and education as a priority

25 April, 2016 in  Healthcare Markets
Healthcare – Animal Health
Animal Health

Safe and secure packaging uniquely designed for veterinary medicine and vaccines, nutritional supplements, food and other animal care products

25 April, 2016 in  Healthcare Markets
Healthcare – Medical Device
Medical Device

CCL Healthcare is a key partner in the Medical Device Industry

25 April, 2016 in  Healthcare Markets
Healthcare – Brand Protection
Brand Protection

CCL Protects! We understand how Brand Protection is critical throughout the global supply chain.

26 April, 2016 in  Healthcare, Healthcare Services
Healthcare – Pressure Sensitive Labels
Pressure Sensitive Labels

Versatile self-adhesive labels printed both on digital and flexographic presses.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Flexible Packaging Printing
Flexible Packaging

Medical grade pouches and lids seal products that need protection from contamination, tampering and spoilage.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Pharmaceutical Rx
Pharmaceutical RX

CCL Healthcare has been leading the Pharmaceutical Rx printing industry for over 40 years with innovative products, cutting edge manufacturing techniques, optimized workflows and streamlined supply chains that improve downstream packaging lines.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare Markets
Healthcare – Contract Pharmaceutical
Contract Pharmaceutical

CCL Healthcare proves to be a key partner in the Contract Pharmaceutical market

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare Markets
Healthcare – Clinical

Ensure that documentation and user guidelines for clinical trials are ready on time plus keep costs down and security high!

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare Markets
Healthcare – On-Pack Promotions
On-Pack Promotions

Drive sales, increase brand loyalty and gain strong returns on promotional investments!

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare
Healthcare – Package Enhancement
Clinical Services

Leading the field in clinical label production with the highest quality products, delivered with urgency and accuracy 100% of the time.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare Services
Pharmaceutical – Digital Printing for Healthcare Packaging
Pharmaceutical Digital Printing

CCL Healthcare uses digital printing to enhance our customer’s products in the pharmaceutical, natural health, and over the counter drug markets.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare Services