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Healthcare – Services Overview

Specialized services dedicated to solving customers problems and streamlining their processes

CCL Healthcare Services

Healthcare – Innovation

Solve problems and create new products with the “PIT” Crew and gain access to 130+ technical experts worldwide

21 March, 2016 in  Healthcare Services
Healthcare – Cold Chain
Cold Chain

Protect cold chain pharmaceuticals and medical devices with CCL’s temperature monitoring devices

21 March, 2016 in  Healthcare Services
Healthcare – Brand Protection
Brand Protection

CCL Protects! We understand how Brand Protection is critical throughout the global supply chain.

26 April, 2016 in  Healthcare Services
Healthcare – Brand Marketing
Brand Marketing

CCL supports the integration of strategic brand strategies throughout packaging

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare Services
Healthcare – Digital Printing
Digital Printing

Digital Printing has the power to create superior images, print variably, make revisions, and streamline the supply chain.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare Services
Healthcare – Supply Chain
Zero Inventory

Supply Chain services are CCL’s global corporate competitive advantage and are geared toward improving every aspect of the business process.

20 May, 2016 in  Healthcare Services

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Smart Labels and Smart Packaging White Paper
Smart Labels and Packaging White Paper
Smart Packaging WhitePaper Smart labels for drugs and medical devices, both after commercial launch and during clinical trials, do far more than simply identify a product; their built-in intelligence provides functionality, communication capabilities, and interactivity throughout the supply chain all the way to the end user.
Healthcare supermarket-shopper-labels-shelves-200464106-001-noel-hendrickson-getty-compressor
How CCL Industries quietly became the world’s largest label-maker
When it comes to CCL’s success, Stephen MacLeod, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets, points to a series of factors. “You have to take into account the company’s competitive position in the global label-making market, and its strong customer relations, [and] diverse user market,” he says. CCL’s operations span six continents and include 119 facilities, in large part the result of a series of smart acquisitions. The company’s strategy is to make small, tuck-in purchases that provide “exposure to a unique technology or a unique customer set,” notes MacLeod. But CCL has also picked up companies that operate somewhat outside its traditional line of business.

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