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3 Tips to Freshen Up your Label Design

CCL offers three label design tips to help you intentionally improve the design of your label to speak to consumers in any season.

3 Tips to Freshen Up your Label Design

Product label design is an important component to consumer’s decision-making. Whether they consciously do it or not, consumers gravitate toward attractive label designs. This alone makes the design of your label very important to your product’s success in the market. Yet, truly effective labels are much more than attractive design – they must include product and marketing information to relate to the consumer. Here are 3 tips to consider when improving your label design.

Be intentional about your label design

Have you considered how consumers view your product on a store shelf? How about where your brand name is located? What’s the first thing a consumer notices when scanning product labels in the store? The eye will fall on the boldest information at the center of your label; therefore, this is the most important information.

Be intentional about all decisions on your label design – typography, color, product information, and more should be carefully considered in the development of your product label. There are no specific rules when making these decisions; trial and error are often the best way to the correct solution.

Be original. To attract your target audience, you need to catch their attention. Standing out from other brands on the shelf with color, contrast, and special effects could lead to a consumer picking up your product. Then you introduce your products unique attributes and convince to buy.

Less is More

Regulatory, legal, and instruction information have overrun your label. But, it’s important to reserve the “prime real estate” on a front label for catching the consumer’s eye. In essence, it’s a less is more approach to front label design.

Booklet labels, or expanded content labels, provide plenty of space to hide that necessary regulatory information. The less information crammed on the front label, the better. Expand space for your product’s brand graphics by moving that “less interesting” stuff to the back booklet label.

Think about the information that is absolutely necessary and what information is just clutter. How can you get the brand message across without distracting the consumer with boring filler?

Maybe a custom font, photography, or hand drawn image can set your product apart while allowing for a “clean” design.

Design for the Season

It happens four times a year and provides marketers a great opportunity to freshen up their label designs. The changing seasons are a great excuse to make minor label and packaging design changes to keep your label relevant.

We’re not talking about complete overhaul on designs – you’ve got to maintain a brand identity – rather a simple, festive touch to appeal to the current season or holiday.

If your brand standards allow it, adjust color schemes to match the season or design a color scheme to relate with a specific holiday. Consumers will take notice of your special-edition label.

To maintain brand standards, consider adding simple graphics to bring the season or holiday to your product label. Just remember, these simple design graphics are intended to add to your label design while maintaining a recognizable brand.

In conclusion, make your labels stand out from the crowd! Have fun with your label design, be bold and find creative ways to stay relevant. Be intentional and original with your label design, know your competition – then find ways to outshine them on the shelf. Couple your eye-catching design with clearly stated product information – then sit back and watch your labels do what they do best – sell product!

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