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7 Signs Your Project is a Good Candidate for Digital Printing

7 Signs your Project is a Good Candidate for Digital Printing: Fast Turnaround High-Quality Image Control Small and/or Flexible Quantities Desire for Variable Designs Serialized Labels or Carton Value Added Features Financial Saving
Digital Printing White Paper

7 Signs your Project is a Good Candidate for Digital Printing, white paper

7 Signs your Project is a Good Candidate for Digital Printing

  1. Fast Turnaround
  2. High-Quality Image Control
  3. Small and/or Flexible Quantities
  4. Desire for Variable Designs
  5. Serialized Labels or Carton
  6. Value Added Features
  7. Financial Saving

When a pharmaceutical company needed 25 mockups of 11 different folding cartons fast, there was only one type of printing option that could get the job done in just a week: digital printing.“If they had relied on conventional printing methods, this project would have cost far north of $10,000, and it would have taken three to four weeks to print all 275 pieces,” says Pierre Dery, General Manager of Montreal, at CCL Healthcare, a global supplier of printed packaging and labeling.“With digital printing, the project was able to be completed within seven days and at a third of the cost,” he says. “And the quality of the pieces was identical to the commercial product that was completed later in very small runs.”Such situations certainly aren’t unusual. The choice between digital printing and flexographic printing a conventional printing method that involves use of flexible relief plates often determines the success of a project. But not all decisions are as clear-cut. Below are just a few criteria that can indicate a shift to digital may be beneficial, especially for those manufacturing pharmaceuticals or other health-related items such as biotechnologies or medical devices.

Indicators Digital May Be Needed

Flexography is often used for large, standard runs. In such situations, it may be the most cost effective option. However, digital should be considered and will often be preferred when a project requires any of the following……….READ MORE


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