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A Second Chance for New NFC

To a brand or company the ideas are endless on where they can apply and use NFC to help enhance the consumer experience.
New NFC Options from CCL Healthcare

A Second Chance for New NFC

The versatility of programming NFC tags to direct users to a variety of digital assets simply by tapping their mobile device or tablet is powerful. Smart devices were limited to those with Andriod OS and NFC functionality. Androids were the first operating system to lead the charge in the marketplace with a built-in NFC function.  Apple added Apple Pay to their devices which gave users limited functionality.

The majority of the mobile users are aware of payment methods using NFC technology. the payment method became the most common and well-known to consumers because of the Apple Pay or Passbook services built into iPhones. Soon Apple will unlock the NFC function and allow consumers to engage with NFC chips. A consumer can use a programmable NFC tag and set up to automatically open doors, set alarms, transfer data or even shut off the lights. NFC tags can also be programmed to websites, video, telephone numbers, short message services, location, text messages, files, mail, and much more.

A consumer can simply wave their mobile device over a package or label which will read the chip and send the users to a digital asset, such as video, coupon, or website. Brands can send tailored messages to the consumer about the brand, product, or offerings. NFC has immense possibilities in the smart packaging. By 2019 a projected 90% of smartphones will be equipped with NFC technology. Brands can tap into consumer engagement will their consumers are tapping on their products.

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