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Are Your Packaging Lines Ready for Serialization?

Are your packaging lines ready for serialization? Download an indepth analysis of 4 serialization solutions: Online Serialization Solutions In-house Serialization Suites Serialization Ready Contract Packaging Pre-Serialized Packaging
Healthcare 4 ways to Serialization Success

Are your packaging lines ready for serialization?

Understanding your options for DQSA compliance, an in-depth analysis from packaging experts

As the Drug Quality and Security Act’s (DQSA’s) November 2017 deadline approaches for serializing saleable units of prescription pharmaceuticals, many pharmaceutical companies, particularly small to mid-size organizations, are just embarking on the serialization journey.

With the number of weeks left to implement serialization shrinking and lead time for solutions expanding, achieving compliance in time will not be easy. The big price tag for serialization-readiness further complicates the process. “In fact, it’s not uncommon to spend $1 million or more per packaging line to be serialization-ready,” says Gregg Metcalf, National Account Manager at CCL, a supplier of printed packaging and labeling with operations worldwide.

There are four ways to achieve DSCSA and other worldwide compliance requirements for each saleable product to carry a unique identifer:

  1. Online serialization solutions
  2. O ine in-house serialization suites
  3. Use of contract packagers with serialization-readylines
  4. Use of pre-serialized packaging components

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