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From Bottle to Slot Machine: Aqua d’Or Connected Packaging Promotion

With their Connected Packaging promotion Aqua d’Or successfully captured young consumers' attention with a unique experience – right from the product!

From Bottle to Slot Machine: Aqua d’Or Connected Packaging Promotion

Beverage brands worldwide are trying to find effective ways to engage with young consumers. Aqua d’Or successfully captured their attention with a unique experience – right from the product!

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Aqua d’Or is an innovative Danish water brand. To promote the new fruity Sparkles range the product’s packaging was equipped with a special feature: By pointing your smartphone at the bottle it transforms into a slot machine before your eyes.

Brand Manager Line Giessing Jørgensen commented: “We wanted to immerse our young consumers in a limited edition lottery for New Year. We knew that the traditional “codes on bottles” and boring web site approach, isn’t interesting and relevant anymore – especially to our target group in Denmark. When we saw CCL’s new Connected packaging technology and vision, we immediately fell in love and decided to make it happen in less than 7 weeks! And I am so proud of what we have achieved.”

Rafi Albo, CCL Global Creative Director and Head of Connected Packaging adds: “We believe in CCL, that true consumer Connected Packaging, should be much more than just a “gimmicky” AR add on to a product. In this amazing activation we created for Aqua d’Or we have proven that a lottery sweepstake on packaging can have a true WOW-effect, engaging branded consumer experience. The numbers, activation rates and young consumer participation in this campaign, proves it very well. Technology is worthless without the right story. And in CCL we have both skills: a great proven technology platform combined with story-telling and FMCG brand marketing understanding. We are proud of achieving the 1st major activation with Aqua d’Or, as they are also a truly disruptive and innovative brand and team.”

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The label is scanned with a dedicated Aqua d’Or app to transform the bottle into a slot machine. Within seconds the label comes to life, the fruits and elements rush around the whole product in perfect fit on the actual cylindric bottle structure. Lucky ones can win free prizes while engaging on the actual bottle they purchased.

Creating impactful digital marketing campaigns is one of the top goals for brands worldwide. Smart and connected packaging is a mega-trend that continues to grow – especially for the iGeneration and Millennials who will make digital marketing strategies a necessity. They will continue to use and demand smart devices that can offer convenience and functionality.*

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