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Breakpack – a Real Brand Experience

Sleeves for cans from CCL

Breakpack - a Real Brand Experience

One of the most exciting recent marketing promotions was the Breakpack, created by Rivièra Product Decoration. The Breakpack is a real brand experience for the consumer and ideal for sharing with a friend! In the supermarket, Breakpacks are real eye-catchers and sold from individual displays.
The Breakpack was created based on the specifications briefed by AB InBev. Using a special white-coloured PET sleeve foil in combination with surface printing supplied by CCL Label. As a finishing touch, the inside of the sleeve was printed in Jupiler red. The breaking point was extensively tested to ensure its strength in the supply chain and that it produces a ‘breaking’ sound when shared. Rivièra combined the cans to form the Breakpack using its automated sleeving plant. Its full service approach makes it possible to produce a range of cans, products, combinations and decorations.