Coca Cola Ramadan

Golden: Coca-Cola’s Ramadan Edition

Coca-Cola can already look back on many successful Ramadan editions. This year they launched their 2,5 litre bottles with a special decoration for the Muslim holiday.

To make them real eye-catchers outstanding golden design elements were added to the signature red and white labels. To achieve the best results CCL Label Egypt was chosen as supplier: They produced the OPP labels using gold foil for maximum brilliance.

In a statement to Marketing, Coca-Cola’s spokesperson said that the promotions dedicated to the Muslim holiday aim to create a simple but universal message of friendship, kindness, solidarity and inclusiveness with the millions of Muslims around the world who fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan.

“We aspire to be the world’s most universal brands and believe that sharing a Coke can bring people closer, at a time when our beverages are enjoyed in Muslim communities around the world following the breaking of the daily fast,” the spokesperson added.

11th June 2020

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