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Desperados PET Event Bottle Decorated With EcoStream® Labels

Brau Union Austria launches Desperados PET event bottle with EcoStream technology

Desperados PET Event Bottle Decorated With EcoStream® Labels

Brau Union Austria launched Desperados PET event bottles with CCL Label’s EcoStream® technology.
Launching this Desperados range with a recycling friendly decoration was the main goal for Brau Union. To achieve this without any limitations to label performance, appearance and design they teamed up with long-term supplier CCL.
By combining the advantages of Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) with the newest ecological developments CCL has created a low-density label enabling bottle-to-bottle recycling for PET bottles with PSL decoration without sacrifices to quality.
The EcoStream® labels shrink in hot washing baths and detach from the PET flakes without leaving traces of ink or adhesive behind. While the label flakes float to the surface the PET flakes sink, which enables an easy separation of materials.

Desperados EcoStream PET

Since inks and adhesive stay on the labels neither washing bath nor PET flakes are contaminated or discoloured. Thanks to their reliable functionality EcoStream® labels meet the critical guidance of the two leading recycling associations EPBP (Europe) and APR (U.S.).
Due to the clean separation of the low-density material from the PET flakes, valuable raw materials can be returned seamlessly into the recycling stream ensuring complete reuse. Therefore the EcoStream® technology helps maximise both the yield and quality of the B2B recycling stream.
No limitations or alterations had to be made for the Desperados EcoStream® version. The famous label design was transferred completely – even the tactile varnish giving it a 3D look and feel. EcoStream® labels with this kind of embellishments were approved separately by EPBP and APR as EcoStream+ to verify that their functionality is not affected.
The labels show how the EcoStream® technology is beneficial to the recycling process while offering great possibilities for embellishments without limits to label design. Whether clear or opaque, special inks or varnishes – everything is possible.
Thanks to EcoStream® food and beverage companies are able to re-invent their market presence following recycling obligations without any restrictions on POS or consumer convenience. In summary a great step forward from an ecological, visual and operational perspective.