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Circular Economy Deluxe: The Role of Labels for Reusable & Refillable Packaging

It’s no secret that our addiction to single-use packaging has resulted in a lot of unintended consequences. Most products and packaging sold today are designed for a single use, and are not always accepted by public recycling systems. Loop – a zero-waste shopping platform – aims at changing this and has created a system of reusable packaging containers that get shipped into their customers’ homes. To make this happen, Loop has partnered with leading retailers around the world including Tesco, Carrefour, Kroger, Walgreens, Aeon, Woolworths, Loblaws and many others. The goal is clear: Get consumers to switch from single-use to reusable packages.

How Does the Loop Work?

Now, How Are Labels Relevant Here?
Loop relies on reusable containers. Once those are empty the consumers can put them back into the tote they received them in and return them to Loop. The Loop containers, which are typically made of glass or aluminium, are stringently cleaned before being refilled and sent to the next customer. Now the label comes into play. First of all, the label must stay attached to the container to supply the consumer with valuable information on nutrition, for example. This means the label must withstand the conditions that the container is stored in, whether that be freezing temperatures or heat.

As resistant the label needs to be during its lifetime, it also needs to detach from the container easily at the end of its life, without leaving any traces behind or contaminating the washing bath. “In order to achieve this, we need an especially engineered high-performance label material. Our labels with WashOff function are ideal for this kind of application. The team at CCL are very proud that we can support the innovative Loop idea and work towards a future that is more circular than today,” says Andy Dunn, Business Development Director at CCL Label.

Cedar and Lemongrass Hand Wash
Yogurt Covered Raisins in Tin

CCL Label developed and supplied the labels for the in-house brand when Loop started up in Great Britain earlier this year. The products range from pasta and nuts to tea, all of which are packaged in elegant aluminum and glass containers before being delivered to the homes of the Loop customers. Loop has announced their move beyond online, which means that their products will be available in their retail partners’ physical and online stores soon. That way customers will be able to buy reusable products alongside their regular purchases.

13th August 2020

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