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Passion for Beer Meets Passion for Labels

Labels for craft beer from CCL

CCL Craft Beer Initiative: Passion for Beer Meets Passion for Labels.

Craft brewers across the globe are putting their hearts and souls into the creation of their beers. They live for the art of brewing, their region and their customers.

Producing the right label for a product is almost like brewing a good beer: 
it’s all about the ingredients, handling as well as knowledge, experience – and a spark of creativity. 
Once applied to the bottle a label is responsible for exuding the character of the product as well as the passion behind it. CCL Label’s craft beer unit helps find the perfect label for every ale, stout, lager or porter.
Local presence and high flexibility thanks to a densely woven production network enable CCL to offer excellent service to all customers – both large and small.
Digital printing is ideal for short runs and therefore the perfect solution for craft beer known for seasonal brews and ever-changing portfolios.
Additionally CCL offers a wide range of substrates including: coated, uncoated and metallic papers; clear, opaque or metallic film facestocks and foils. Embossing, screen and die cutting solutions are available as well.



Eden.Mill Brewery & Distillery on the Scottish east coast are typical craft brewers with great passion for their creations. To add the finishing touch to their brands they work together with CCL Label East Kilbride. Unique premium self-adhesive paper labels are the result of this collaboration.
Craft_content_neuneuCCL Label offered its vast range of printing technologies combined with a huge selection of substrates and embellishments to find the ideal solution for their various brands of beer. The self-adhesive paper labels for the different Eden.Mill beers are printed digitally. This is not only very cost-effective but also the most efficient way to print relatively small runs of various label designs in short time.
Each Eden.Mill brew has it’s own label design – the “Whisky Barrel Oak Aged Beer” for example is especially eye-catching thanks to the gold foil and satin varnish.
Besides Eden.Mill other Scottish, German and Dutch craft brewers already entrust CCL with the production of their labels.
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