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Nordic Way of Craft Beer – Royal Unibrew

Headquartered in Faxe, Denmark Royal Unibrew distributes quality beer, soft drinks and water brands. Their craft beer brands such as Kissmeyer and Schiøtz ...

Nordic Way of Craft Beer – Kissmeyer & Schiøtz

The craft beer trend has long since conquered the Northern European countries. Microbreweries pop up everywhere across Scandinavia and the variety of Nordic craft beer is growing fast.
Headquartered in Faxe, Denmark Royal Unibrew distributes quality beer, soft drinks and water brands to Scandinavia, Italy, Germany, the Baltic states and many other countries. Their craft beer brands such as Kissmeyer and Schiøtz complete the broad portfolio.
Anders Kissmeyer belongs to the international elite of master brewers. He looks back on many years working as a brew master with Carlsberg and Nørrebro Bryghus. Kissmeyer was appointed “Best Active Brewmaster” on a global scale in 2012 and is even referred to as the third most influential brewer in Danish brewing history.
Kissmeyer Craft Beer with Paper PSL by CCLThe Kissmeyer creations include IPAs, blondes as well as dark beer. The brews of the Icon Series carry names inspired by the 70s rock era, the Garage Brews are mostly inspired by American Beer styles.
Since they are reflecting the character of the beer to the outside, the best possible realisation of the labels was of great importance to Kissmeyer and Royal Unibrew. CCL Label was chosen to bring the artwork ideas to life.
The combination of high-quality substrates and straightforward designs make the Kissmeyer labels real eye-catchers. Thanks to the metallised paper the Garage Brews have a glamorous appearance. Fine metallic shimmer and bold black areas blend in perfectly together, creating a rock’n’roll look. The embossed winged “K” completes the picture. It can also be found on the Iconic range labels – this time embellished with tactile varnish to give it a 3D look and feel.
Theodor Schiøtz Brewing
The Danish company was founded by Theodor Schiøt – a brewer and pharmacist. Still today he inspires the brew masters at Albani Breweries to always challenge the status quo. In this spirit they continuously look for new ways and break with conventions. The Anarkist range is an impressive example.
Anarchist by Theodor Schiøtz BrewingThe graphics in glaring colours clearly have the power to turn heads! Not only because burning shoes and half-skeletonised sheep are an unusual motive for a beer decoration: The brilliant print results and intensity of colours contribute significantly to the extraordinary appearance.
CCL Trittenheim in Germany is producing the labels for both craft beer brands using digital printing in combination with various embellishments. Understanding the specific needs of the craft segment CCL is able to offer the ideal package of printing technique, label construction, embellishments and service.
Short print runs and high variety in design are no problem – with its digital assets CCL can offer fast and flexible production, guaranteeing best turn-around times and cost-effectiveness.