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Sustainability – What to expect after COVID-19

There have been a lot of discussions if the topic of sustainability will bounce back after the world has dealt with the Corona-Crisis. The answer is YES!

Sustainability – What to expect after COVID-19

In the past weeks there have been a lot of discussions about if and how the topic of sustainability will bounce back after the world has dealt with the Corona-Crisis. The answer that brand owners, industry associations and market experts can agree on is: Yes!

A recent study carried out by Accenture confirms: The corona crisis is becoming a driver of sustainability awareness among consumers! In the study, Accenture surveyed more than 3,000 consumers in 15 countries between April 2 and 6. The study focused on how the corona crisis is changing the priorities, purchasing decisions and behavioral patterns of global consumers. The result: Covid-19 will permanently change consumer behavior. 54% of consumers stated that they are making more sustainable choices when shopping and want to continue to do so.

So, the issues of sustainability and littering will not disappear. On the contrary, they will be even more important after the crisis than before. At CCL Label, we have a holistic approach when it comes to sustainability. Our holistic approach addresses five areas that are critical to our success: Policies & Goals, Planet, Products, People and Partnerships. We will intensify our collaboration with the whole industry to drive development.

Recycled Materials will be back!

Last but not least there is a lot of discussion in Europe about how the EU Green Recovery Package should boost innovative plastics recycling technologies. Recycled plastic has declined in price because the oil price has gone down so much and virgin materials are cheaper, but several associations, initiatives, amongst them the Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform PCEP are now pushing for legislation that will ensure the availability and quality of recycled plastics.

CCL Label is stepping up its rPET game. Our label and sleeve solutions using a certain percentage of post-consumer recycled materials was just released. Here we talk about our rPET options and gave an outlook what might be available in the future: A New Life! 

>>Bottom line is that the Sustainability and Recycling topics will come back with full force after the crisis. BUT the perception of plastics is changing due to the positive hygiene aspect of the material. It looks like a less emotional debate will be possible that it would have ever been thinkable before COVID.

30th June 2020