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A Polar Bear To Shake Up Swiss Beverage Market

How to compete in a market segment as fast growing and diverse as Craft Beer?
URS Rivella

URS - A Polar Bear To Shake Up Swiss Beverage Market

Rivella, an iconic cult brand from Switzerland, aims to explore new possibilities and concepts within the soft drink sector by launching niche products through their newly established innovation platform called “cin cin”.
URS is the first project from the start-up within the company. The idea is to set the trend for the upcoming years and expand the markets’ and consumers’ horizons with never-seen-before brand concepts.
To successfully shake up the status quo, the innovation team has combined an exceptional recipe with outstanding packaging for URS. The brand name is derived from the Latin word ursus for bear, which is why the mixture of fermented lime and vermouth is outfitted with portraits of the animal.
Being an alcohol-free drink its motto is “Eisbär statt Kater” which can be translated as a recommendation to choose “the polar bear” rather than a “hangover” (a play on words as the German word “Kater” refers to both a tomcat and a hangover).
The combination of opaque vivid colours and bold design elements provide the modern trendsetter look URS is aiming for. Especially the different playful accessories in red or blue the bear is wearing are true eye-catchers. The various designs make URS more individual and guarantee maximum attention on the shelf.
The bears were printed by CCL Label using a combination of flexo and offset technology as well as fresh white inks which are screen printed. Together with the transparency of the self-adhesive material a harmonious No-Label-Look is created. Crown, moustache, hat and mask are highlighted through vibrant glossy inks that make them stand out strongly at POS.
URS and the future brands developed by “cin cin” will all be developed completely independently from the existing Rivella universe – a first for the company – with the intention of reaching and thrilling new consumer segments. The pioneer project URS hit the market in four different cities of German-speaking Switzerland in March. Hip bars, restaurants and food trucks will be the main distributors for this first step.