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Booklet Labels from CCL

Booklet Labels from CCL

Regulations, graphics, promotions:

they continually demand more label space.

It may be time to consider Booklet Labels. Booklet Labels are an easy way to offer more information for products – up to 100 pages more! Here are some reasons why you should choose booklet labels from CCL:

1. Booklet Labels Allow for More Copy

The need for more label real estate is ever-growing. A booklet label allows for uncluttered, easy-to-read copy.

2. Booklet Labels Protect Consumers

Regulations require many products to provide consumers with step-by-step instructions for safety. Booklets allow you to provide more thorough product usage instructions.

3. Booklet Labels Make Room for Design

Creating more eye-catching labels is the name of the game when it comes to branding. Booklet labels have space for your product’s brand graphics and important product information.

4. Booklet Labels Reach More People

Global regulations often require product labels in multiple languages. Booklet labels allow you to include several languages on your product.

5. Booklet Labels Increase Promotional Opportunities

Offering incentives to consumers can be the push they need to make a purchase. Coupons or product samples can all be integrated into booklet labels along with slick graphics and required product information.

6. Booklet Labels are the Best of Both Worlds

Regulatory, legal, and/or government required copy can be placed in a more inconspicuous place on a booklet label, allowing your brand graphics to remain front-and-center (if that’s where you want it). Booklet labels also help to integrate online and print marketing for a seamless user experience.

7. Booklet Labels Boost Sales

Booklets can help new products gain more exposure by being cross-promoted with existing products that are already doing well.

8. Booklet Labels Reduce Waste

Booklet labels provide more space for information while producing less overall waste.