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Brand Protection

CCL Protects! We understand how Brand Protection is critical throughout the global supply chain.

Protect your brand – CCL Security

Today’s consumers expect easy access to information and people increasingly value companies that improve economical and social conditions in the community’s where they operate. While trust can be an evolving trait, technology now plays a larger role than ever to ensure trust in your brand. Specifically product transparency solutions enable instant access to product ingredients, manufacturing practices and other information that shoppers care deeply about. And brand protection solutions enable consumer brands to track & trace where products originated to quickly identify counterfeit and diversion activity.

How it works?

We start with the same data found in the traditional barcode, then imperceptibly repeat this data multiple times across the packaging. And hide it within the artwork – adjust the brightness & intensity of colours to introduce a readable signal. Consumers can now easily scan the package for product or protection information.

Most importantly, the digital code is a seamless element of the packaging artwork itself, unobtrusively doing more for your brand than visible codes can.

Making it easy for consumers to jump from a print content to a digital & social media channels expands the possibility of editorial content and gives consumers more choice on how they want to consume content.