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CCL Booklet Labels and Multi-ply Seed Tags

Booklet Labels and Multi-ply Seed Tags from CCL

Regulated information required on packaging continues to take up more space and can cause confusion for the end user. That’s why CCL booklet labels and multi-ply seed tags are so key to providing enough space to make the impact needed to be sure the product is used properly and safely.

In short, seed labels from CCL provide more space, more impact, and more clarity.

More space.

Booklet Labels and multi-ply seed tags introduce multi layers to your package label. These multiple layers allow for more content without requiring more square inches from the package, thus avoiding the need for costly package redesigns.


More impact.

These same booklet labels and multi-ply tags create more impact for your packaging. CCL’s capabilities with print quality and special effects give the opportunity to increase the visuals of the label graphics and overall message displayed.


More clarity.

Clarity in the purity, directions and proper usage is very important to the end user of a product. Booklet labels and multi-ply tags ensure the quality of the product and help maintain the safety of the product.


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