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Clinical Systems, Inc.—a vital partner with the global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry—provides researchers with the highest quality clinical labeling products. In a strategic decision to expand capabilities in all operational areas, Clinical Systems continues to be well positioned to handle the largest and most challenging protocols that researchers require.

“Pharmaceutical research has increased in scope, complexity and urgency” states Roger Halvorsen, President of Clinical Systems, Inc. “By expanding our capabilities in all areas, we can continue to lead the way in clinical labeling innovations, which helps to drive the clinical packaging process. Ultimately this benefits researchers by ensuring more trial successes and better clinical outcomes.”

More Square Footage and More Production Lines

A significant part of Clinical Systems expansion is seen in their physical plant where square footage has been added to accommodate an increase in the number of production lines. Importantly, this expansion has been completed with strict adherence to quality guidelines designed to achieve manufacturing excellence. Clinical Systems always delivers the highest quality product for every client, every time, regardless of the size of job requirement.

Additional Personnel to Ensure Excellent Customer Service

Along with increasing their manufacturing capabilities Clinical Systems has also expanded their personnel talent pool. The customer service team at Clinical Systems understands the complexity involved in clinical drug trials and the vital support role they play in the process. Each new member of their contract services organization is rigorously trained in the science of clinical labeling and works closely with their executive staff to understand client needs, provide comprehensive solutions and add-value with their knowledge and understanding of the clinical trial process.

The tenure of the Clinical Systems staff, each with years of experience, is unparalleled in the industry so when clients contract with Clinical Systems they know they will be working with professionals completely versed in their needs. Each staff member has the backing and resources of the entire Clinical Systems team to deliver the solutions unique to your trial challenges.

When you contract with Clinical Systems, you can rest assured that the integrity of your clinical drug trial is always our number one concern. For more information about how Clinical Systems, Inc. can help with your clinical labeling project, contact us today.

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