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CCL Specialty Products Deliver Durability and Versatility

Article featured in the December 2017 issue of Seed World
Scientists are dedicated to making plants more resilient. Similarly, CCL Specialty has also answered the call to create decals and other durable products that help seed companies adequately store and identify their inventory.
When customers said their traditional bulk storage decals and signage weren’t holding up in extreme elements, CCL got to work developing a stronger, more resilient product.
Warehouses are unpredictable when it comes to weather, humidity, dust and dirt. Machines bump up against containers too. A few years ago, CCL’s clients said their traditional paper or film labels were getting damaged, resulting in mixed inventory, missed shipments and lost revenue.
CCL’s answer was a durable label made with a custom designed sub-surface printed polycarbonate that’s waterproof and can withstand rough conditions.
Speed and Staying Power

Decal Labels

The company has streamlined the process of creating these decals, moving from a multi- to single-pass printing process. It means that once a customer approves the artwork, it takes less time for those decals to be ready for shipping, resulting in shorter lead times. The new decals also feature a more aggressive adhesive than what was on the market.
Because of that durability, CCL’s bulk storage decals offer a range of other benefits, from the most basic branding to providing important product information. Many serve as company or product logos while others include usage instructions, GHS compliance, germination rates, lot codes and expiration dates. Most are hand-applied and to make the process easier, CCL uses a custom design for easy application.
Flexible Solutions
To complement their durable decal solution, CCL has also developed a flexible signage product that can be used in tandem with the decals, especially when companies choose to reuse their bulk storage bins. Their clients needed an interchangeable label when products were switched out. That’s when they developed a zippered document pouch solution.
zippered pouch
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The plastic pouch is waterproof and attached to storage bins with grommets. The zipper feature allows the user to easily change out labeling information based on the product. This new option has been especially welcomed by CCL’s clients who produce treated seeds.
CCL’s newest innovations are evidence of their commitment to meeting seed industry needs. CCL has been in the label business for more than 50 years and has a global footprint. The company prides itself on being innovative and providing custom solutions for clients in the seed industry.
Serving Agriculture
CCL offers a range of products for the seed and crop protection industry. Their printable booklet labels are ideal for housing regulatory and multilingual information. Other options include multi-ply resealable labels, printable bag tags and more.
The company services an array of other product markets including agricultural chemical, lawn and garden, specialty chemical, plus state and federally regulated markets.
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