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Danone Supplier Day in Moscow

Danone Supplier Day with CCL Label

And the winner is ...

On October the 26th Danone Russia hosted the first Danone Suppliers Day in Moscow. They presented different award categories to bring together suppliers of various products:
  • Milk
  • Raw materials and packaging
  • Non-production goods and services
  • CAPEX and Manufacturing

Danone Supplier Award with CCL Label

Within this event they wanted to extend their gratitude to all the Danone partners for contributing to a reliable and long-term cooperation as well as for the contribution to the success and development of Danone Russia.
CCL Kontur  is one of Danone’s key partners, that was why we were nominated for “Best Localization Project” and “Best Support in Innovations”
We are happy to announce that we won the Danone Award for “Best Localization Project”.
We want to thank all our employees for doing a great job and Danone for the perfect cooperation across the last few years.


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