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Empowering the customer – Digital Perfection

With the world moving to shorter time cycles the need to use more sustainable ways of manufacturing, digital printing is the solution of the future.


Digital Printing from CCL has the power to create superior images, print variable data, make revisions on the fly and streamline the supply chain.

A key driver is the capacity to produce short print runs economically, as packaging buyers continue to search for ways to engage with customers using innovative methods. Printing on demand means less waste, ensuring that new packaging or graphic designs or changes in ingredients don’t result in redundant stock. Technological developments in inkjet and electrophotography mean that digital print is becoming increasingly accessible and cost-effective for all kinds of companies, big and small.


  • Sustainability
    With the new press we expect to manage inventory and production plans on much shorter lead time, allowing automated “on demand” packaging production. To become more efficient in packaging purchases and to support sustainability trends.


  • Additional Finishing Features available
    Transform your printing project into something special with a wide range of finishing options e.g. tactile effects, glow in the dark ink, scent varnish, perforation …


  • Better Total Cost of Ownership
    The high cost of digital printing has been one of the major inhibitors for companies in choosing digital package printing for packaging applications. A significant aspect one fails to consider is savings on direct and indirect obsolete packaging inventory that accompanies digital processes.


  • Customisation
    – Automatic compilation of unique designs
    – Printing of variable data
    – Small editions and prototyping