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The Next Generation Stretch Sleeve: Digitally Printed!

'Whatever can be digital - will be digital' The digital printing revolution has just begun.

Stretch Sleeves are a fantastic product decoration – they are thin and material efficient, require no adhesives and no extra energy to apply them. They are a sustainable solution and enable effective and high-quality 360 degree decoration and brand communication. The whole story just got better: We now offer digitally printed Stretch Sleeves that give brands all the opportunities in the world to connect with the consumer. Each packaging can be individually designed to stand out in the shelves….learn more about digitally printed Stretch Sleeves below!



Offering each consumer a unique product, once a distant dream, is now a reality. Product customisation opportunities now come with packaging options that help manufacturers stay close to their consumers on a more personal level.This trend is set to grow with diverse runs, promotions or seasonal designs, as each product can be outfitted with an individual design and variable data easily integrated thanks to HP Indigo’s Mosaic and Collage software that automatically generates hundreds, thousands and even millions of unique graphics, texts and design combinations for maximum impact.


Digital printing is a sustainable option since it uses less energy, produces less waste, and has a smaller carbon footprint overall. Therefore, digital printing combined with Stretch Sleeve technology is an environmentally conscious choice for a highly sustainable packaging. Stretch Sleeves are applied to containers without the use of adhesives or heat. Their natural elasticity is all that is required to hold them in place. Thanks to this immense advantage Stretch Sleeves are one of the  most eco-friendly decoration solution.


Digital is the preferred option for brand owners seeking a first-generation image with each printed piece. It’s also a good choice for those looking for high levels of correction control, as digital printing allows for 100 percent verification of printed material on the press itself, in regards to both colour and graphics.


The project size is another determining factor. Digital is the most economical option for printing small runs, especially because it doesn’t face the same minimum-order requirements as conventional processes. Digital offers ease of “printing on demand.” It therefore is best suited when there is a desire to set quantity according to consumer demand at the stock-keeping unit (SKU level), or to be responsive to the packing line schedule or to simply keep inventory levels – and risk of obsolescence – in check.


Another key reason brand owners choose digital printing over other printing processes is the low cost and efficiency when creating slightly different images for the same label, as it is often needed when seeking seasonal, language or promotion-based design variation. With digital printing, you’re not adding a plate cost to the job and software enables quick and easy design changes.


  • Reduce time-to-market for printed materials through quick turnaround
  • Provide flexibility to make changes quickly and be innovative
  • Because printing plates are inscribed digitally, changes to artwork can be realized quickly, on-demand.
  • Digital printing is proving particularly useful for companies that are managing frequent label updates and revisions.


Daniel Haudej, Business Development Manager
Mail: [email protected]