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Extended Content Label on a Folding Carton

Booklet ECL's are the perfect solution when requiring space for large amounts of texts.
ECL On a Digital Folding Carton from CCL Healthcare

Booklet Extended Content Label

Booklet ECL’s are the ideal solution when requiring space for large amount of texts, making them perfect for pharmaceutical inserts, multi-lingual information, and clinical trials. The booklet label replaces the traditional solution of standard label, inserts and carton, with a secure and user-friendly solution. Booklet labels can be several pages long printed in different color combinations and materials to deliver the best fitting ECL’s.

Available Features: 

  • Removable: The removable booklet labels allows the booklet to detach information without damaging the rest of the package.

  • Resealable: The resealable booklet labels allow the label to be opened and closed for repeated use. The booklet label also has a resealable closure available in many different versions. It can be covered with a dirt repellent and attractive looking lamination.

Contact: Karl Hoelper
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