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From an Idea to Finished Products. Part I

Every success story is starting with a great idea. We'll take a look behind the scenes. What is needed to see your products shining on the shelf with a Sleeve? Part 1 - Shrink Film Extrusion


A shrink film is produced by the flat-die extrusion with the subsequent orientation in TD direction.

Specially developed resin and the production technology provide the material with the shrink properties when the film is being exposed to the temperature. The shrinkage percentage could reach as much as 73% from the initial width of the film.

Process: (see picture)

  1. Extruder:
    Polymer chips will be melted/liquefied through a rotating screw.
  2. Forward Draw:
    Closed granules (cake) will be distributed on a roller as a printing film. MDO (Machine Direction Orientation)
  3. TDO (Transverse Direction Orientation):
    Film is stretched. Shrinkage is influenced by the intensity of the stretching.
  4. Stenter/Windup:
    Cooling, cutting and windup untreated film



  • low specific gravity
  • high percentage of maximum shrinkage >70%;
  • even shrinkage
  • excellent transparency (sparkle and gloss)