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NÖM Banana Milk

Shrink Sleeves from CCL Label

Nöm Banana Milk

Just open the bottle and enjoy.

Banana milk to go – no matter where you are. NÖM decided to refresh their design for the ‘to go’ line. They were looking for a frozen effect on their banana milk bottle.
Shrink Sleeves for NÖM
The Shrink Sleeve was printed in CCL Label Hohenems with offset/gravure combination technology. Using a surface matt varnish emphasizes the frozen effect. The challenge was the right adjustment of matt varnish for the perfect look as well as the colour concentration on the bottle neck.
Printing Details: 
Material: APS standard shrink
Printing: Offset/Gravure Combination
Colour: EB + LM varnish
Finishing: matt varnish