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Gallo Olive Oil

Gallo - Launch of a New Edition of Olive Oil. Unique Flavor, Special Decoration.
Shrink Sleeves from CCL Label for Gallo Olive Oil

Pioneering Concept – Premium Design Packaging

The Gallo brand celebrates with all the Portuguese over 25 years of a pioneering concept in Portugal and in the world, with the launch of a new edition of its new Olive Oil, a perfect, limited and numbered creation made with the first olives of the harvest.

Gallo Azeite Novo 2017-2018 (Gallo New Olive Oil) is a product of exceptional quality, born from the combination of a unique, ephemeral and short moment, with the expertise and strong dedication of the brand, that year after year, bets on the differentiation and quality to present this surprising blend and thought for consumers already accustomed to this brand commitment.

This bottle of exclusive design needs a special decoration – printed in gravure at CCL Label King’s Lynn.  The leaves are as goldie as the olive oil (using metallic inks) and the pearlescent white background remembers the early morning dew drops, the consumer experience is raised to its max.

Technology: Gravure
Material: White Material
Finishing: Metallic inks, pearlescent finish