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A Trip of Senses

Vernel Shrink Sleeves from CCL

A Trip of Senses

Vernel – Aromatherapy

Start a trip of senses with Vernel aromatherapy fabric softener. Sophisticated with essential oil – relaxation for body and mind.

Shrink Sleeves from CCL Label

The relaunch of the Vernel product was due to make more a premium version and differentiate from the standard bottle. They decided to use a Shrink
Sleeves to stand out from the private labels.The sleeve was printed in CCL Label Hohenems by using offset gravure combination. The matt varnish finishing creates a soft touch effect and gives a good sensation to consumers.
Printing Details:
Material: APS HS 45 micron
Printing: Offset/Gravure Combination
Colour: 6 offset + 1 white + gold
Finishing: matt varnish