Kale&Me Limited Edition: Role Models & Inspiration

As part of Kale&Me’s cooperation with the German Football Association women’s national team, their berry, ginger-strawberry and ginger shots each feature three outstanding players from the women’s national team. These women are more than just faces on a bottle – they are role models who inspire and motivate young athletes to pursue their dreams.

To bring the special edition to live Kale&Me cooperated with long-term supplier CCL Label. The self-adhesive labels were printed at the plant in Trittenheim, Germany.

The label construction used is part of the Sustainable Label Family. Thanks to its functionality the decoration enables ideal bottle-to-bottle recycling. During the recycling the packaging components are easily separated in the sink-float process and the bottles’ PET can be reused immediately. A clean separation ensures the PET extracted is in perfect condition, guaranteeing it meets food-safe quality standards.

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