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Lemberg Caviar – Black Pearls for Magic Moments

Lemberg Caviar with Pressure Sensitive Labels from CCL

Lemberg Caviar - Black Pearls for Magic Moments

Lemberg Caviar House/Lemberg Lebensmittel GmbH occupies a solidly established leading position among the major European caviar providing companies.

Pressure Sensitive Labels for Lemberg Caviar from CCL

It started as a small caviar shop in Berlin producing the widest assortment of caviar products in Europe and capable of catering to its customers all year round.

A distinctive company aims to maintain its extraordinary image. Caviar connoisseurs recognize the products by their packaging design. After working together with CCL Kontur (Russia) for a vodka label project Lemberg decided to also print their caviar labels with CCL.

Lemberg asked for labels highlighting the quality and luxury of their products. That was the reason why their labels were printed on metalized material using bright background pantones with black offset over them. This gives them a smooth display of colors on the side stripes and make the label much more vivid and not at all plain.

CCL used a combination of matt and gloss – the overall label is matt while golden elements are glossy. This removes any unnecessary metallized shining of the base material. It gives the product a more expensive and elegant look .

A high quality product provided with an equally premium label.