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Malibu – Celebrating in Style

Malibu says hello to winter with limited winter edition. The limited-edition contains the brand’s No.1 coconut rum dressed up in Christmas sparkles.
Glitter Sleeve for Malibu

Malibu‘s new UK specific limited-edition bottle just launched. It is dressed up in sparkles, making it the perfect gift or center piece for festive social gatherings.
The package design of this limited-edition bottle captures the seasonal spirit by enhancing the original white bottle and its palm trees with a festive red colour as well as sparkles. To add some inspiration to consumers, the recipe of the sparkling cocktail Malibu Fizz is featured on the back label.

CCL Label Castleford printed the Malibu Glitter Bottle. The limited-edition dresses up in sparkles printed with three different gold – two of which were iriodin to get the glitter look effect, plus two white.
The limited edition bottle will be available exclusively in UK stores Tesco and Asda, and the initial launch results has been positive. Connecting with consumers and creating eye-catching limited edition bottles.

Technology:    Rotogravure
Location:         CCL Castleford, UK
Material:          50 micron (very high shrink PET)
Colour:            10 colours including 3 different gold