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Mosaic Print

Unique Sleeves with Mosaic Software transform every product into an unmistakable original.

Personalise your products with digital print and Mosaic Software

This new technology enables you to provide sophisticated and personalised products. A software makes it possible to personalise any job with images, text and designs for maximum impact.. It automatically generates hundreds, thousands and even millions of unique graphics from a fixed number of base patterns, using scaling, transposition and rotation.


Main Features:

> Very good printing quality
> Good opacity of HP white
> No initial or changeover costs
> All main materials process able
> Combine variable images & variable text with fixed data and define flexible imposition



CCL Label Hohenems printed thousands of different designs with only one picture and one excel file, combined with names & to dos. Distinctive look – distinctive brand!

Material: PET & OPS

Technology: Digital Printing (Mosaic Software)

Finishing: Perforation and other effects are possible