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There are Things That Belong Together

Easypack Labels from CCL

There are things that belong together

Multipack Labels from CCL

Easypack was conceived in order to offer a different system for packaging products. This new technology uses special bands of extensible material (Sleeves) which are inserted around the product to be packed. The Group of Products formed are defined as multipack.



  • Saving in energetic consumption when compared to shrink wrapping
  • Saving in film consumption
  • Great flexibility in packaging thanks to the possibility of creating packs with 2, 4 or 6 products
  • Possibility of completely personalising the “Sleeve” which may be printed along all of its length
  • Improved presentation and appearance of product in the retail outlet
  • Application without the use of glue or heat
  • Reducing in Space occupied both as far as the machine body is concerned along with the in feed and out feed systems
  • Reduction in purchasing costs
  • Simplicity in use and reduced maintenance


There are 2 different ACMI machines in various configurations:

  1. Easypack: bundles bottles in packs of 2 and can have a further head to bundle the pack 3 packs of 2 in a pack of 6
  2. EasyMax: this machine has an intermediate step (handles). It means machine bundles the bottles in pack of 2, than applies handles to the pack of 2, then bundles 3 packs of 2 bottles each with its on handle, in a pack of 6.

Easypack presents itself with a very compact structure which does not require any particular infeed or outfeed conveyors. This allows for an exceptional level of adaptability when inserting it into any type of layout, be it a new line or existing line requiring the substitution for example of an existing shrink wrapper.

Easypack Labels from CCL

Easypack reaches a maximum production of 60 packs per minute for each head. This means that a machine equipped with four bipack leads produces 240 bipacks per minute, reaching a production capacity of 28.800 bottles per hour.

An important aspect not to forget is the quality of the packs produced by the easypack, which is decisively better than a shrinkwrapped pack where the creases are inevitable even with the best shrinkwrappers available. Furthermore, the sleeves applied by the easypack which make the most use of their elastic property and not damage the labels applied to the bottles maintaining the outside appearance of the product.

Bundling can happen on a machine that puts simply the sleeves on the 2/4 bottles. Down in this very same machine you can have a further head that bundles 3 packs of 2 bottles into a logistic pack of 6. This avoids completely the passage into the shrinkwrap machine

Once the sleeves are removed, the single bottles remain with their original labels perfectly preserved.