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A New Path Forward for NFC Smart Packaging

The explosion of smart labels in the marketplace has stoked a lot of interest in packaging companies and product manufacturers.
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A new Path forward for NFC smart packaging

Apple’s Expansion on NFC

A New Path Forward for NFC Smart Packaging

The explosion of smart labels in the marketplace has stoked a lot of interest in packaging companies and product manufacturers. The hopes of providing quality consumer engagement, logistics, security, and marketing intelligence have fallen short due to app dependency. Companies have sought after smart label technology that does not require the consumer to download an application to interact with a package. The reluctance in the marketplace to develop applications for brands to utilize smart packaging slowed significantly after the lessons of the mobile health application boom. During this boom, major pharmaceutical companies raced to develop health applications just to develop health applications. When applications were built the consumer user experience was never in mind. These apps made with the heavy manual data entry which hindered the experience and the performance in the marketplace.NFC Smart Packaging This lesson has stayed with large pharmaceutical brands who have been unwilling to invest in the development of new applications to integrate smart labels for health outcomes, consumer engagement, security, and market intelligence.  The low consumer download and adoption rates have put brands off to applications.  Companies have learned their lessons and have been waiting for the release of Apple’s NFC capabilities to jump in the market. NFC (Near Field Communication) allows the consumer to interact with the packages without an application. With the addition of Apple, the number of NFC-enabled phones will rise an estimated 71 percent, this does not include the Apple Watch and tablets.

The news broke at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference where Apple announced their expansion on NFC. The iOS 11 system will have features allowing the iPhone to read any NFC tag. In the past, Apple limited their NFC feature to Apple Pay or Passbook. However, now Apple is making it possible for an iPhone user to simply tap on a product and get information from the package such as a link to websites, enroll in customer loyalty programs, watch movie trailers, collect data, view pictures, and more. Apple also mentioned the release of watchOS 4. The software update will allow Apple Watches to communicate with NFC tags as well. For example, a person with an Apple Watch will be able to tap on an NFC supported exercise equipment and transfer all data onto their watch and iPhone. And Engadget mentions that “being able to tap your phone to a movie poster and instantly bring up the movie trailer is magical.” The possibilities with NFC will be endless. 

        CCL has been providing NFC consumer engagement solutions and converting RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) chips for 14 years for customers in all markets, not just healthcare. CCL maintains cutting edge technology for converting RFID and NFC chips with the capability of customizing labels that will fit CCL’s customers’ needs for many different applications, styles, and frequencies. CCL plans on enhancing RFID and NFC capabilities by continuing to invest in new RFID/NFC equipment to stay at the leading edge of RFID/NFC label and packaging conversion.

To explore your company’s capabilities with NFC smart packaging and RFID security/logistics schedule a one-hour complimentary smart packaging consultation.

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