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Nutella Ramadan

Top to bottom decoration in perfect printing quality. The Shrink Sleeve guarantee the highest level of attention and maximum flexibility.
Shrink Sleeves for Nutella from CCL Label

Nutella Ramadan

Nutella is all about sweetness – love, passion, dedication and great care are the ingredients you will always find in every jar.

Ferrero Turkey had a nice idea to promote Nutella during Ramadan; a time of tolerance, kindness and warmth, during which families sit together to break their fast after a day went by without Foods & Drinks. Nutella, made mainly from hazelnuts that grow in Turkey in the Black Sea region, wanted to become the main event of Iftar tables in Turkey.

Looking for a special possibility to promote their Nutella Ramadan idea, Ferrero decided to use a Sleeve – first time in Turkey on a jar (825 g). CCL Label Turkey printed 2 different designs by using gravure technology on a high quality and scratch resistant shrink film. To protect against scratches and anti-scuffing varnish was used.

CCL Label Turkey proposed technically feasible Shrink Sleeves which met customer’s expectation – both quality and appearance wise.

Shrink Sleeves from CCL for Nutella



Printing: Gravure technology

Finishing: scratch resistant shrink film + Anti-scuffing varnish

Material: 95 mikron OPS