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Your Perfect Label: Digital vs Flexo

Deciding between digital and flexo printing can be confusing. CCL has information that can help you make the right decision.
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Your Perfect Label: Digital vs Flexo

Printing custom labels can be achieved through many different methods, but digital and flexo printing are certainly the most popular. With digital capabilities expanding and flexo quality continually improving, it can be difficult deciding which of these two methods is better suited for your labels. We hope this information can help!

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What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a method of printing from a digital-based image directly to a substrate using a laser or inkjet. Digital printing does not use printing plates, therefore, setup, waste and time is lower than traditional printing methods. This on-demand printing solution is suitable for short run and variable label printing.

Strengths of digital printing

  • short to medium runs
  • less setup time
  • ability to make changes quickly
  • variable data ability
  • produces bright, vivid colors, smooth gradations and shadows without drop-off.
  • ability to hit 97% of Pantone colors

Weakness of digital printing

  • not well suited for large runs (bulk orders)
  • limited on substrates and finishing options


newspost flexo printerWhat is flexo printing?

Flexo printing, or flexography, is an economical, high-quality label printing solution that uses flexible plates made of rubber or screen, mounted to a cylinder. Using a wide variety of inks rolled onto the plates, an impression is made on various types of substrates. This technology is suitable for handling large-scale label printing and variable repeat lengths. As the name implies, flexo printing allows for flexibility with materials and techniques.


Strength of flexo printing

  • high speed for large runs (bulk orders)
  • wide range of substrates available for printing
  • endless finishing abilities
  • innovative inks, varnish, lamination, foils, etc.

Weakness of flexo printing

  • down time while changing out plates & between jobs
  • gradations and shadows can have drop-off issues.

CCL Label is a leader in both digital and flexo label printing technology and innovations. For more information and help deciding whether digital printing or flexo printing is right for printing your custom label, contact us here.