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From an Idea to Finished Products. Part 3

PRE PRESS - CCL has comprehensive on-site prepress capabilities, to service our customers with design and layout knowledge.



A successful company is no longer just characterised by product quality – now almost as important as the product itself, are the services offered to the customer on-top. We want to make our customers’ daily work as easy as possible and try to cover these needs with additional services.

At our location in Hohenems (Austria), our prepress department has been offering design- element-based pre-distortion since our beginning to ensure the best possible shrink results for customers and their products. The CCL team assumes responsibility for the distortion process, the customer is only required to check text and other standard points of the artwork. Through the many years experience of our employees as well as their knowledge in the operation of the necessary programs, we have created this unique selling point.

Roman Tembl (Prepress Manager) and Marc Bösch (Prepress) gave us an insight into the department as well as the development of graphic design.


The new programs naturally play an important role in the further development of our previous experience for design possibilities. The technology is getting better and better, so there are more possibilities in design and preparation of the data. Larger data files can be generated which leads to a higher quality on the one hand, but also leads to longer processing times (calculation of the data!). The innovations of the design programs are developing faster than the tools available for the production of printing formats. This leads to challenges in production.

CCL has also developed and invested in new hard software (Hohenems: CTP, WebCenter, AutomationEngine, PackProof) in order to improve the quality of the print results, to reduce throughput times and to meet the increasing demands internally and externally.

The expertise of our prepress employees should be mainly used in the processing of individual files. All other tasks will be automated in the future.

Trends in product design

Every day we work with different artworks from all over the world, but what are the trends? The trend is going away from large quantities, with the market demanding ever smaller runs. But also going to alternating designs (different designs in a print edition) or also promotions, using effects such as metallic, matt lacquer, scented lacquer or special perforation.


The perfect design

Doesn’t exist – every design is unique and according to taste there are countless possibilities. However, if we can work together to support the creation of the design, this will help to make it perfect: The prepress department of CCL should be involved from the very beginning. In this way, we guarantee optimal consultation and full support from the beginning of the project to the finished product (drawing container, specification, layout data evaluation,…). Our customers will experience no delays in data preparation and the project schedule.

What is in for you?

Artwork files are getting bigger and thus data transmission is more difficult. We have responded and set up an online “release tool” for our customers. Facilitating communication between interfaces during design creation: CCL – customer – agency. All comments are put on the same file and the information reaches all of the parties involved in the process at the same time. With the new portal, all components of the design as well as the development process are visible and up-to-date to all parties. “A design must be made tangible. The customer would like to know how the selected artwork is related to the product “, Marc Bösch (Prepress). As one of the few we offer our customers real mockups on the original container and with original material. In addition, 3D simulations are also possible with a new software. This makes it easier for the customer to visualize & finalise the design.

“The quality of the data is becoming more complex – and the requirements are getting higher, Roman Tembl (Prepress Manager). In order to promote a creative diversity, customers change their agencies more often. This results in losing existing sleeve knowledge in creating designs and printing technology expertise. With the new Design-Portal (Packbox), we try to provide our customers with a clear overview of their designs. Thus, when the agency is changed, a history is available. Overall, this is an important service that simplifies the processes, saves time, provides the best data quality and let your product shine on the shelf.”


From the drawing to the finished product

  1. Mockup from Customer received Artwork without distortion
  2. Make “problem areas” visible
  3. Start with distortion process, adapted on the shape of the container