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Retail and CCL: The Perfect “Match”

Match & Win Game from CCL Promotions

Retail and CCL: The Perfect "Match"

The customer is the most important person in your business. Engage them.


CCL understands what makes retail consumers tick and the challenges that retail sales face. Some of those challenges prompted the design of the new “Match & Win” game.


This popular game piece has proven very successful in driving sales for virtually any retail market. The consumer can match icons, numbers, etc. to receive instant prizes, store discounts, fuel points, and countless other rewards. The instant gratification and growing anticipation sparks loyalty and repeat business.


The main retail principle to master is the customer; the customer should be the center of any business. Knowing them and engaging them will help you grow your business.


Give CCL’s “Match & Win” game a try and spark new sales and interest for your products!