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CCL Label Sleeve Training Day

CCL Label Sleeve Training

CCL Label Sleeve Training Day

On the 22nd of June CCL Label Decorative Sleeves held a Sleeve “University” training day at its site in King’s Lynn in Norfolk. The course was attended by over 20 people from Unilever, Pepsico and Britvic Soft Drinks and all were from a technical and packaging function.
The purpose of the day was to offer our customers an educational introduction to shrink sleeves and what is involved in their manufacture.
The course covered the following subjects:
  • Process considerations for sleeve projects
  • Container design and its impact on the sleeve
  • Base materials – the pros and cons or all types of material
  • Printing processes that are used for shrink sleeves
  • Artwork and pre-press considerations, particularly focussing on pre-distortion
  • Sleeve manufacturing and the processes involved
  • Sleeve application & shrinking processes.


CCL Label Shrink Sleeve Training

The day was organised and run by Piers Herrmann (Technical Manager) and Paul Gibbs (Sales Manager). It involved a complete tour of the of the King’s Lynn production facility and a practical hands-on demonstration of the setting and applying shrink sleeves through a steam tunnel.
All attendees were invited to attend a dinner the night before hosted by CCL Label at an unusual venue. A local innovative catering company have a large Tippee set-up in their garden where diners can enjoy fine dining in this extraordinary setting.
20 people attended this inaugural version of the course. Shawna Matti from Pepsi stated “The session was good, particularly the trouble shooting section. Investment in preparation on the CCL side was obvious and appreciated and we really appreciated the hands-on activities and examples of materials. Well worth the time taken”.
 Stuart Brand from Unilever commented “The one day training course is a valuable use of time learning from industry leaders and sleeve equipment suppliers about shrink sleeves and terminology. The course is presented in a way so the individual can quickly attain knowledge on the process considerations for bottle design and how different sleeve materials will work with your brand requirements and how all of this works together at the point of manufacturing location.
I am certain individuals leaving the course will feel more confident in dealing with projects concerning sleeves and will make their next project a success.
News_Sleeve_Training2It is refreshing to hear a company like CCL wanting to understand the brand requirements and willingness to share their expertise to ensure the finished design is the best we can achieve; a really good way of working in partnership.
I would recommend anyone who has to work in packaging development to attend this course”
It will be run again at regular intervals every year. The next course will run on 9th November 2016. If you would like to attend a future course please email us on [email protected] and we will add your name to the list. Please note that as spaces are limited to 20 people, it will work on a “first come, first serve” basis.