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Smarter Label to Reduce Non-Adherence in Clinical Trials

A number of activities and associated tasks contribute to the expanding costs and timescales for delivering clinical trials to fruition. They are directly linked to the adherence success to the Investigational Medical Product (IMP).

Studies indicate that between 45 and 78 percent of patients receiving treatment for chronic conditions are classified as compliant, leaving a large portion of studies requiring extensions at the cost of additional patients, time or potentially, the loss of the entire study.Non-Adherence can result from a number of factors, although studies show that the following reasons make up for many of these failures.

  • General forgetfulness
  • Unclear instructions for use (patient /clinician explanation is insufficient)
  • Difficulty in visiting clinics for simple check-ups
  • Sense of wellbeing whereby the patient thinks he or she does not need the medication
  • Extra dosing (taking multiple doses of medication together due to forgotten dosage requirements

The power of connected smart packaging can improve the patient experience, reduce non-compliance, and streamline clinical studies all while delivering accurate data to the clinical trial. The solution lies in a digital platform to address the Clinical Electronic Labelcomplexities of clinical trials, which can be used in a stand-alone application via a smart label by tapping near-field communication, scanning a 2D barcode or connecting with solutions such as CCL’s Electronic Clinical Label.

Such a platform would ultimately focus on improving the work flows and outcomes for patients, clinicians and health organizations. Scalability ensure that platform can grow with a company’s demand, providing the ability to check clinical study progress in real time and bolstering the success of studies from start to finish.

live notifications can provide key indicators of non-compliance, diversion and authenticity through track-and-trace capability. With the ability to report from the push of a button, companies can quickly access new, correct, non-editable data, creating a feeling of security and reliability that will ultimately support brand integrity among patients—all while reducing the cost of trials through IMP management.To help companies reduce the challenges and costs associated with non-adherence in clinical trials.

CCL Label will demonstrate its new Electronic Clinical Label with a Flexible Display at Healthcare Packaging EXPO in October. Show attendees are invited to witness the launch at CCL Label’s presentation on the Innovation Stage taking place Monday, October 15th at 10:00 am. The company will also offer live in-booth demos at W-917, at selected times.