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THINK GREEN – first Bio-PE based Stretch Sleeve

CCL's Sustainability Labels offer a more eco-friendly option for creating great-looking labels for your packaging.
renewable Stretch Sleeves from CCL Label

Albert Heijn launched the first bio-based plastic milk bottle. The bottle consists of 100% bio-based Polyethylene (PE) made from renewable resources (bioethanol sourced from sugar cane) instead of fossil resources. The entire packaging is bio-based, including the Stretch Sleeve, produced at CCL Label Völkermarkt. Bio-based PE is fully recyclable with the conventional PE recycling stream.


CCL Label’s innovative Stretch Sleeve has been specially developed for this market launch. It is made of a bio-based Stretch film that qualifies for the highest TÜV Austria Belgium certificate (OK bio based certificate).

For Farm Dairy this product boasts two new advances in packaging and product sustainability. Not only the packaging is unique, but also organic milk is a new milk stream at the Lelystad plant.

Managing director Arend Bouwer is very proud to bring this to market. ‘We work together with our customers and suppliers to continuously improve the sustainability of our products and packaging. We take an important step, but certainly not the last one. ‘