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Time is Money, Why You Should Go with CCL

CCL is a global specialty packaging pioneer focused on the needs of the world’s healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical and other highly regulated industries, where secure, accurate on product labeling and instructional compliance is a strategic imperative. CCL’s global customers recognize the value of sourcing their various requirements from one accredited vendor backed by sophisticated quality assurance and security control systems.
Race Against Time

Race Against Time

Let’s say your company has developed a product and your competitors are trying to produce a product that does the very same thing. It’s a race against time. All of the clout and credibility could rest on your ability to deliver. The last step in the go-to-market strategy is the secondary packaging. The carton, label, and information for use will meet the specifications needed to be in compliance. You need a product that when it hits the shelves it looks superior to your competitors. That’s why you turn to CCL.

CCL has all the tools at its disposal to make sure you get exactly what you want the right way and at the right time. CCL can expedite physical proofs to ensure your packaging looks exactly like they should. Need to make revisions and a new physical sample? No Problem.  After proof approval, CCL can go into action and start producing your packaging the way you wanted them while ensuring the highest quality. CCL’s 100% camera inspection and automatic rejection system will ensure the highest quality packaging is delivered to you. Need small run sizes? There is no run size too small, leveraging the digital printing process. 

  • CCL has dedicated cGMP facilities 
  • GSI Serialization Experts
  • Rigorous standards and procedures 
  • Product team leaders who are dedicated to your project
  • Custom designs can be created in house
  • Physical sample proofing
  • Late revision changes

CCL has kitted solutions saving you time by having all the items you need for your product. Many companies find themselves going to more than one vendor for their folding cartons, leaflets, and inserts which may look like they are getting a deal, but they are spending time and adding more processes into the ordering and auditing workflows. As we all know, time is money. 

Learn more by downloading this white paper which provides more details on ways digital printing can transform your supply chain.