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Trends 2021: It’s all about Connection!

Add magic to your brand! CCL can now provide high quality Connected Packaging experiences without any App - only using the browser on any mobile phone.
Packaging Trends 2021
CCL Label, the global supply chain leader of innovative premium packaging, promotional vehicles and comprehensive label solutions, is introducing an update of their connected packaging label and sleeve technology. The “browser-based” version renders the installation of any extra app on the user’s phone unnecessary, making packaging interaction even more user-friendly and efficient.

Connected Packaging amongst top packaging trends in 2021
Packaging Europe, one of the leading trade magazines for packaging, recently named Connected Packaging a major trend for 2021: “Expect to see further advances in the area of augmented reality”.The new technology powered by CCL’s development partner Arylin ( has now been released together with a demo that demonstrates the unlimited creative possibilities for brands to connect with their customers via packaging. CCL is the only global packaging company where Arilyn technology can be licensed to power campaigns with Connected Packaging.

Visit Finland! Just scan the code with your phone’s photo app – there you go!

The brand-new demo features a virtual 360-degree tour of a famous Finnish artist studio, Halosenniemi (more information: It is a place on the shore of Tuusula Lake in southern Finland that offered ideas and inspiration to the artist Pekka Halonen in the early 1900s. Halonen is one of the most beloved artists of the Golden Era of Finnish art.

You can now visit this magical place in Finland without leaving your own living room. The demo now includes:

  • 360 degree virtual tour (move around by “taping” the floor in the studio)
  • Video hologram presenter – “tap” the image of the person
  • A personal singing show inside the studio

This new, bowser-based (“no App needed”) version is very easy to use: All the consumer needs to do is to scan the QR on the CCL Label and follow the instructions.


“A new age of packaging is here where your consumers can interact and immerse themselves in your brand storytelling through Connected Packaging. This is a great demo label to show off that CCL can now provide high quality Connected Packaging experiences without any type of app – only using the browser on any mobile phone” says Rafi Albo, Global Creative Director & Head of Connected Packaging at CCL. “Especially in socially distanced times like the COVID pandemic, Connected Packaging can be a great way to interact with the consumers.”


More information regarding Connected Packaging at CCL can be found here:

The Video can be watched here:

Claudia Beer, Marketing CCL Label ([email protected])