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Hit the Trigger

Astonish unveiled a bold, new design on its full range of trigger-pack sprays.
Astonish Shrink Sleeves from CCL

Hit the Trigger

A complete range that helps you get the job done. Whatever your cleaning challenge is, Astonish will have a product designed to help you do the chores.

40 years of experience in producing homecare products and always looking for new designs and packaging possibilities. Astonish made a major investment in rebranding their company and decided to change the look of their trigger bottles. New design as well as a totally new bottle shape.

Shrink Sleeves from CCL for Astonish

The Project was technically difficult as the design required very tight positioning to ensure the Astonish “A” on the front face. CCL Label King’s Lynn  printed this full body Sleeve using UV flexo technology.And selected backing white to ensure good product resistance.
Astonish worked together with CCL Label the first time. Because of the major investment in rebranding their company they wanted to ensure a partner with a lot of experience in the Shrink Sleeve field who could offer technical support. A project managed successfully from design to application.

Material: 4J45 High Shrink PET film
Technology: UV Flexo
Finishing: Using Backing White