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Belenkaya Celebrates 2017 with New Year Edition

Belenkaya with Sleeve by CCL

Belenkaya Celebrates 2017 with New Year Edition

JSC Synergy, one of the leading producers of distilled spirits in Russia, released a New Year Edition of Belenkaya – the #1 brand from the vodka category in Russia*.
Belenkaya with Shrink Sleeve by CCLTo guarantee maximum shelf impact an elegant white Shrink Sleeve was chosen as decoration. The golden and silver elements perfect the outstanding design.
High-gloss silver ink was used to achieve the outstanding metallic effects. In combination with the opaque white background they create a striking New Years outfit.
The sleeves were produced at CCL Kontur in Russia using offset and rotogravure printing technology.


*LLC Media Alliance calculation based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its Retail Index Service for the Vodka Category for the period (December 2015 – May2016), for Urban Russia market valid for September 15th. (Copyright © 2016, “NIELSEN”)

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